Base64 Encode & Decoder tool Script


Base64 Encoder and Decoder

Base64 Encoder and Decoder is an online web tool that allows the user to base64 encode any string and then decode the encoded string.

Demo link for base64 encoder:
Demo link for base64 decoder:

Notable Features:

  • Simple and easy UI
  • Can be integrated into any webpage or WordPress post
  • Copy Encoded String Button
  • No need to install just copy the code and paste it



Tools and Technology used:
Html 5, javascript, CSS

Editor used:
VS Code

Application Feature:

  • Simple and easy to use UI
  • Fast encoding and decoding
  • Copy encoded decoded string button available
  • Proper error handling is done

Files Included:
encoder.html, decoder.html

How to install in WordPress post or page:

1. Create any post or page in word press
2. Add custom HTML block
3. Copy the code from encoder.html or decoder.html
4. Paste the code into the custom HTML block
5. Integration is successful now you can publish the post or page to see the output


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